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You can get info about a good design class in New Hampshire. If you find a school listed below that you are interested in, just click on the "get more information" line and you will be sent to the site of the school where you can get all the information. So if you've always had a pretty good eye for design, form and function, why not see if this exciting and demanding career is for you.

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Hesser College
For over 100 years, Hesser College has been preparing students just like you for success. It's important to remember that in today's competitive job market, employers are only interested in hiring the most qualified candidates. With a degree from Hesser College, that's exactly what you'll be. Attend one of Hesserís five conveniently located New Hampshire campuses. Choose from over 25 career-track degree programs and take advantage of flexible day, evening and Saturday class schedules.
Hesser College

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We have an updated NH page located here - NH school choices.
If design doesn't turn out to be your thing, perhaps the culinary arts field is. Becoming a professional chef can be a pretty great career for some people. While not all cities have a good cooking school, you can find a school nearby. One site you can browse is that helps you find local schools.

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You can study interior design either online or at a traditional campus-based college or school. Interior designers are in-demand across North America. Find some classes or a program at one of these quality schools and jump into a new career.

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